Filo templates

I am thinking of designing/making two types of inserts for my Filo:

1.) A version of Muji's Chronotebook.
One sheet per day, divided in a a.m. page and p.m. page. One circle in the middle and a single line on top for the date. I don't want to write the hours since I currently don't wake up early; thus shortening my morning to roughly 1-2 hours.
If I do make these, I must remember to position the AM & PM in the correct page; I want to be able to see a whole day spread in my Filo. (AM on left side, PM on the right).
I am aware that perhaps the pocket format is going to be too small for this, but I've been wanting to try this "chronotebook" ever since I found out about it. Unfortunately I can't buy it online from the EU site (boo for Muji).

2.) The other insert I had planned to design, occurred to me while daydreaming about the day we might finally leave this country and would have to go 'house hunting' in a new city: I call it the "House Hunter"!
A page or two with all the necessary details we would look for in our new home-to be. Things like pet policy/rules, number of bathrooms, carpeted floors, A/C-Heating, elevator, etc...
I was thinking of organising all data that can be answered by a simple yes/no into checkboxes, and then adding lines for other notes.
It should have a header with the address of the house/flat, the date and the price. (It has been all drawn nicely in my 'Blognotebook' :) ).
These inserts will help us find the right home for us, by recording all those details that one sometimes forgets or overlooks, and by helping us ask the right questions!

I still don't know when I will start working on these two types of inserts, although I have thought of trying out the chrono this december. Should I like it, I will then consider making either more inserts for Filo (if the size isn't an issue), or even make a notebook.
Regarding the "House Hunter", there is no hurry in working on it yet, since my significant other is still looking for a job overseas, and we don't even know where we'll be going yet.
I just hope is somewhere nice with awesome food and nice stationery stores!!