Excitement on Rhodia

Last week I wrote an email to Clairefontaine, asking where I could get the 90gr version of the Rhodia Webnotebook. They replied this week telling me that the 90gr version had only been sent out for tests in the US, and that it would be available here in Europe by February 2010!
Considering that the review I read on that particular item, made me salivate by describing how awesome the paper was for writing with a fountain pen, I started to look everywhere on-line for it, but could only find the current version: 80gr paper (not Clairefontaine paper). 
So I thought I would first try out a Rhodia pad or other product, but couldn't find any store where to get them. Luckily, the person who replied to me from Exaclair offered to give me the names of the stores that carried their products in my city.
So, this afternoon, after I eat my sammich, I'm going to check one of those stores and try not to come home empty-handed!
My boyfriend thinks I'm a geek :P