Nice to make your acquaintance, Clairefontaine!

This afternoon I convinced my boyfriend (F) to please please please go to the store with CF products after our shopping trip. He did suggest we go tomorrow, but after he saw my face and heard my lame excuse that the shop might be closed tomorrow and I wouldn't be able to wait until Monday, he realised it was better to get it over with as soon as possible.

Once inside the store, a typical valencian school supplies store, I had to ask the clerk if they actually had any CF/Rhodia products. He kindly proceeded to direct me towards three stands with them. He explained to me that they didn't carry much of "Rodilla" (in Spanish it sounds funny because it means knee) because it wasn't too popular. Nevertheless, they had 5 Rhodia pads, some 11's and some 12's, with an orange, leather-like cover.

Not too convinced by what I found, after all it is just a simple paper pad and rather expensive, I directed my eyes to the QuoVadis line. There was a modest selection of the Havana range and other notebooks, but what really caught my attention was a white notebook with the title "Memoriae-My Joys". It resembled the Moleskine, only the cover and elastic were white, the size 10cm by 15cm.

I looked for more of these since I wasn't too convinced with the colour, but it was the only 'My joys' themed Notebook.

On the third stand they had another line called "Dazzle Cover", fancy hard cover journals like the Paperblanks, except the paper seemed thinner. F suggested I should get one, since he knows how much I love PB's. But I didn't. The designs didn't quite convince me plus I already have a new PB waiting eagerly for my current PB to come to an end.

I stood there, not knowing what to do: they had no Webnotebook (didn't even know what it was) and the Rhodia blocs weren't cheap. So I did what anybody with a way of thinking like mine would do:
I bought the Rhodia Bloc nº11 for 5.50 €, the white Memoriae for 13.70€, and even threw in a clairefontaine Graf It 90g sketchbook for 1.20€!
Not that I needed any of these items, but.... they are pretty and make me feel all tingly inside :P!!

I will write my impressions on each of them later this week, once I've tested them!
It was a good idea for F to come with me, else I would've come back home with three J.Herbin ink bottles and new fountain pens, and some nice Pilots, and all that lovely crafts paper...