First post of the year

Greetings and a happy 2010 to all of you!
I am finally kicking my own butt to come and update this blog, so I thought telling you about my latest online Rhodia purchase would be a good way to start this year.

Being a newbie regarding Rhodia/Clairefontaine products, the little experience I've had with them is a big thing for me. I had never tried a Rhodia pad before until last month when I was lucky enough to find one at a local store.

I must admit that at the beginning I was very intrigued how a small, simple notepad could become such a must-have amongst stationery junkies and other fellow paper lovers. After all, it was JUST a notepad, and a rather expensive one (over 5€)!

So when I finally got home, I quickly got my Pilot G2 and started writing on it. And just after the first words I started to literally 'feel the difference'. I didn't know ordinary quadrille paper could be so smooth!
Now, not many people know how much I dislike writing with a normal ballpoint. I find most of them feel cheap and hard, the ink doesn't have a consistent flow, and often I end up with a sore finger! Which is why I decided to put the Rhodia to the test by using my purple Pilot BP.
Wow! The pilot's tip started gliding on the paper easily, the ink was consistent and for the first time I actually enjoyed writing with a ballpoint.

I then tried my fountain pens and other writing instruments with the same results: perfection.
That moment I fell completely and utterly in love with Rhodia.

It has now become my companion; on those occasions in which my trusted Filo can't come with me due to size restrictions, the Rhodia, slipping perfectly into my clutch or pocket, won't leave me paperless! I have even bought a Pilot Ballpoint in pink specifically for it.

Oh, I forgot that I started this post wanting to tell you about the order from Rhodia I am expecting! I got two more Nº 11 pads and the much talked about Webnotebook. I believe it's not the new 90g paper though, so I am not keeping my hopes up too much. ;)