Brief update

Since I moved to London, I haven't been using my finsbury filofax. It's like I can't make time for it, even though I have a lot of it... it's probably because all the plans I make tend to get broken by events out of my control, like not being able to open a bank account as quickly as we thought because we first need a proof of residence...and other silly crap like that.
On top of that, my boyfriend got sick so we spent two days at home. Now it's my turn to be sick; this leaves me with barely any energy left at the end of the day.
But, what I have been using more is my Kendal Mini. Since I'm using it as a wallet, I also use the diary pages to jot down quick appointments that come up randomly. The pages corresponding to the beginning of the year, I am using as random notes pages. this has proven quite handy for writing down new phone numbers, modem numbers, accounts, addresses... this is also a way of saving up on paper.
Tomorrow we're finally going to Ikea to get our study set up. I am really looking forward to it, because this will allow me to get my stuff organised and our pc's set up.
I really need order right now.
And new sinuses....