Old posts I had on paper go online now

May, 25th, 2010:

I went to Muji today to buy some organising boxes for my desk, and ended up buying 2 small notebooks as well!
I fear I might be getting addicted to stationery, particularly notebooks! I find them all so pretty....I can't avoid holding them, opening them carefully to slowly run my fingers through the pages and wondering if the paper will be fountain pen friendly.
And even though I know I seriously don't NEED any, I always find ways to convince myself into getting a new one, especially after reading good reviews about a particular product.

June 10th, 2010:

I am really glad I bought those two notebooks from Muji. I have already found a use for them; the Passport is used strictly for doodling mandalas; while the other one, with its nicely spaced lines, serves me as a japanese vocabulary where I jot down phrases I can understand when I'm watching anime. I leave one line below the one I've written on free, so that I can later on write down the translation.

Having found a use for them isn't the only important thing about them, though; it is actually the whole quality of the notebooks that wins me over.
The feeling of my Lamy Vista gliding on the pages effortlessly, leaving a clean trail of ink that doesn't bleed through is one of those little things that make life enjoyable.
Such beauty and such art....I honestly never tire of it!