Ticking off one item of my To Do list..(or my review of the Pocket Urban)

One of the other Filofaxes I own, and cherish, is the Pocket Urban in slate. This was my second Filofax, and I had bought it already knowing what I would use it for. It would be my Travel Filo, and accordingly, I also bought the new Travel pack, fresh from the Filofax ovens!

New Urban pocket in slate

I got this baby on the 3rd of august, 2009 and that same night I wrote my first impressions on it:

'Night has come and I still haven't written anything (inside). Haven't even registered it! I just stare at it, open it and run my fingers through its pages. I am scared I might ruin them.
I have taken out all the unnecessary pages, like international info and the 2008 diary, and kept only Aug-Dec 09.
I still haven't decided which sections to move/carry. I don't want to force it.
I've only twice thought about which pen I want to use with it, but haven't really decided yet. I have tried to insert my purple pilot V5 into the very tight loop, but a piece unfolded from the push. So I quickly removed the pen and tried with something slimmer: my trusted Pentel (mechanical pencil) should help the loop to loosen up a bit.
I have already decided to put a scented tissue into the full width wallet pocket, like I did with the Finsbury, so that it will have its unique, nice scent.
I absolutely love that it comes with a frosted (not black!) ruler. It also lays flatter compared to Finsbury's beginnings; it should be fully trained in no time.
Still don't know if I should keep the coloured, numbered tabs, or use the Travel Pack's white, empty ones.
It also comes with an 'Events Calendar' and a 'Timetable', as well as a 'Course Record Notes' which makes me think this organiser could be targeted at students.'

Now, almost one year after I can only sing praises to this little fellow! 
Shortly after having bought it, I travelled to Bolivia, South America. And both the organiser as well as the Travel Pack worked to perfection!

Travel pack at the VIP lounge

The Travel Pack worked wonderfully helping me plan my trip a few weeks ahead, and inspired me to actually write about our trip every night. It also helped me keep all necessary info such as travel itineraries easy to locate and to keep track of my expenses. 

And the organiser seems to have been born to travel! With the secretarial pocket securely holding my boarding ticket, and the full width wallet pocket not only holding one, but TWO passports, I kept some of my local currency in the zippered pocket outside.

Urban's backside

And don't even get me started on the material! "Waxed textile finish with distressed leather-look trim." It is nice to the touch and very stylish!
As a matter of fact, I love this organiser so much, that my DB got me one in the Mini size for my birthday saying: "You love this model so much, you should have a mini so you can use it as a wallet."
And that is exactly what I use my mini Urban for.

Mini Urban Wallet!