I ♥ Google Maps!

We already know how great Google Maps are! We can easily input a whole address into the search box to find exactly where it is, zoom in to see the nearest transport links, even do a Street View (when available) to get an idea of the surroundings at a specific place.

As Filofax users, some of us have already incorporated the benefits of Google Maps into our paper life, by resizing and printing maps out for our beloved best friend (aka Filofax).
But for me, the only map I had printed out in the past was a map of Spain, and that was it.

A couple of weeks ago, I had to go all the way to a town outside of London for a job interview. Since I was already nervous enough about the interview, I decided I really shouldn't add even more stress to the situation by getting lost, or having to ask strangers for directions. That is where my Filofax and said maps came to the rescue!

I spent some time before going to bed, investigating the area, looking it up in Google Maps, etc. But I also found a very handy thing about Google! I discovered that you can create your own maps, linked to your Google account. And that you can also draw a line from A to B, using the colour and style of your choice!! (Not to mention, you can put a pin or marker in A and B using the icons of your choice!)
So I took my map, drew the line from A to B and saved it for future reference.
I then took a screenshot and modified the size and print area with InDesign, so that it would print out exactly the way I wanted it to.
I even left a margin to the right, to write down the complete address and details, and folded it.

I punched the map in the margin I left to the left and put it at the very front of my Pocket Domino.

The results? Once I got off the station the next day, I was able to guide myself correctly, walk at a decent pace, and get to my destination with enough time to calm down my nerves!!! ( 15 minutes earlier!) And not once did I look like a lost tourist, I simply looked as someone consulting her planner, very professional!

And in case you were wondering, the interview went very good, but I turned down the offer as the commute would be too much, not to mention, it would eat up all my salary...

Til next time!