Filofax or Moleskine?

I have a dilemma:

Filofax vs. Moleskine

I bought an 18 month Moleskine Pocket planner in the spring this year because I was tempted to try a bound planner.
It is very pretty and it has a whole page to jot whatever down, next to the week on a page format.

My problem is that I am so fixated on my Filofax I can't bring myself to stop using it, even for a couple of weeks, to try out the Moleskine. On the other hand, I am pained not to use it, to have it pristine in my notebooks box.

I also think that updating BOTH planners would simply be overkill, and would fail on the second day of doing so.

Currently I do not lead a lifestyle that would require me to carry two planners for different reasons (i.e. one for personal, the other for work). I also thought of the idea of using it as a financial planner, but I really don't need one of those. 

What to do, what to do???