To Do: Buy 2011 Day per Page!!

I just realised that I still need to buy Day Per Page refills for my Pocket Filo!

And here I sat happy with just my QuoVadis inserts that Steve so kindly brought from France for me :)

I know, it's been an awful long time without updates in my blog. I've not only been busy with a new job, but also, I must confess I've been feeling un-inspired, despite the Filofax bloggers Event I attended with Jess AND the long-awaited Philofaxy London Meetup!

I've also been mentally stressing about having to write about these two events, but as far as the Meetup goes, others have done a way better job writing about it than I ever could. And mentally stressing about something is really not good for me, as I end up NEVER doing the thing I'm stressing about!

So I have decided to approach this blogging thing from a different angle: I'll simply write when I feel inspired, about whatever stationery-related topic that is occupying my mind, even if it is just a couple of phrases.

Like today's topic: 2011 refills, or rather, the lack of.
Like I mentioned, Steve brought me some beautiful QV weekly inserts which I plan on using once the year starts. I did consider using them straight away, as they are not 12, but 18 months format. 
But when I looked at my already (scarcely) filled pages of my current WPP, I felt I really couldn't just kill those pages after having served me so well!! So, yes. They will stay until the 31st Dec... or rather, the 29th, as the 30th is already on a new page...arghh I really hate these stupid dilemmas!

I honestly don't know if I really need to have two formats now that I also carry a work Filofax, having my Personal Filo more empty since then. But I'm getting tired of changing, even if it is a silly little thing like my planner issues. So I will stick with my two formats choice I've been using for almost two years now. Maybe in one year's time, I will re-address this issue and decide then.