My Paperblanks collection

Last week I got lucky at the Paperblanks Planner giveaway on the Plannerisms blog and won the Black Moroccan Daily Planner. Laurie very kindly sent to it to me right after announcing the winners on her blog, so that made my week (which will forever be known in my book as Problem Week!)
Paperblanks is maybe* my favourite notebook brand. Not only are they beautifully decorated, but their quality is also impeccable! They are not cheap, mind you, but they are similar (the same in most shops) in price to the overrated Moleskines, and they surpass by far their quality!
To start, they are VERY fountain pen friendly. I have only tried a few ink+pen combinations (I only have those), but everytime the paper hasn’t buckled a bit. Even when I used markers, there hasn’t been any feathering nor bleed-through. My watercolours have been the only thing that have made the paper ‘bubble’ a bit, but that is perfectly normal for a paper not meant for them.
The colour of the paper is also a very beautiful, soft, off-white, which is whiter than the Mole’s, and more like the Rhodia’s Webbie.
I like these notebooks so much, that in only two years my collection has grown from one to eight!!
  • 3 Journals in midi format, coptic binding, both lined and unlined: Used as personal journals, all full now. (the first one only appears in the second picture; the second one in none)
  • 2 journals in mini format, smythe sewn, with magnetic closure and ribbon, lined+unlined: Used as personal journals, just started a week ago.
  • 1 journal in ultra format, coptic binding, unlined: Used as my favourite sketchbook
  • 1 journal in slim format, magnetic closure and ribbon, lined: Brand new, to be my next journal
  • 1 Daily planner in midi format, smythe sewn with two ribbons and elastic closure: My Prize!! I am still trying to figure out what to use it for…

My first Paperblanks

Unfortunately, I haven’t found any models with the coptic binding this year. I hope they’re not discontinued, as I really love them!
I have also noticed that in my midi coptic journals, the paper is slightly thicker than in the rest of the notebooks, including the coptic ultra. Could it be that they were from an older batch, and now they have changed the paper and the other one is discontinued?
* Paperblanks is sharing first place with Rhodia and Clairefontaine, so I can't really say which one I prefer over the other as they are different