May update: Moleskine 18 month weekly notebook

I started using the Moleskine just before the year's end, but only two weeks into it I put it down. Keeping up with my Filo and trying to use it at the same time, was time consuming, not to mention that the lack of space in the Mole wouldn't allow a complete switchover.

moleskine planner
Nevertheless, I really liked it and tried to at least write one thing in it, maybe a thought or a note to myself on the page opposite to the calendar.
Inside Moleskine
Gradually I noticed a few patterns emerging: on the top space above the calendar, I'd write a brief description of the week: "Rollercoaster hectic busy week" or "This has also been Problem Week!" Actually, on that particular week I had taken one day off work and was really glad I did, as it helped me unwind and see things from a different perspective. That is also when I started drawing, painting and glueing things on it.
Inside Moleskine 

And so it became an activity, to update it on the weekend, looking back at the week, write my thoughts down.
Inside Moleskine
But I have avoided using it for appointments. That way it stays fun.