May update: the notebook

my notebook
The notebook is just a run of the mill type which I found at the first flat we lived in here. About two months ago, I was looking for an ordinary piece of paper to jot down a shopping list, and the only thing I found readily available was this notebook. After that I just left it in the kitchen for future reference.
Later that evening, I felt like doing some doodling, nothing serious, so I just grabbed the notebook while I watched TV.
my notebook
A few weeks later, noticing that I was using it more often, I decided to practice my drawing in it. The first thing I did was cover up the hideous design (Tweety) it had on the hard covers with some kraft paper I had lying about.
my notebook
Gradually I started using it not only for sketching, but also for writing lists of any sort and even watercolouring. 
My relationship with this notebook got serious when I trusted it with my MAIN TO DO LIST. I needed a place outside my filofax to write it, without thinking about the when and what of every task, more like a 'brain dump'.
my notebook
And so I would get into the right mindset and little by little, take care of those pending tasks.  The list also began to grow as I would add new items as they came to my mind.

Two days ago, the space on the double spread ran out, so I had to relocate the undone items into a new list, which is also getting longer as I keep on adding more stuff to it.
The feeling of accomplishment I get whenever I look at my first list, with so many striked out tasks, is very rewarding and it motivates me to keep on track and not be lazy.

Even though I use different tools for it, my weapon of choice is my new Rhodia pencil.