My 2012 planner

So, we are finally close to year's end! honestly, I can't wait until the new year starts as I've been itching to use my new cat planner.

Also, because I've decided not to use a Filofax in 2012.

The reason for this is that life, at least mine, is quite monotonous. Monday to Friday is work, and weekends relaxing and going out for walks.
I don't have a busy social life, let alone a social life!
To tell you the truth, I don't mind. I like it like this, just having few friends.

So yes, a Filofax is not useful to me no more. Especially after a nice friend sent me that beautiful cat planner.

Choo Choo diary cover

It's an A5 bound planner, loaded with lovely cat pictures. It is also undated, so if I wanted, I could save it for another year (but I won't). This means I can handwrite each date into the spaces with the ink/language/font I choose.

Monthly spread

It has a double spread for the monthly view, with the days as squares, and following the spread, a week on two pages.

Weekly spread

Since it's undated, there are 5 of these weekly spreads in between the monthly views.

Notes section

And after the year, there are lined pages for notes, that also have those cute cat pictures.

Envelope with elastic

The planner comes in a transparent plastic sleeve, and there is also a decorated envelope for mementos, with a round elastic attached to one side. By keeping the envelope inside the book, the elastic will act as a closure.

In November I started to pencil in the dates, but I didn't finish. Once I have all the way I want them to, I will proceed to ink them.

I am very excited about this planner, I think that the fact that it is a fun planner, rather than a plain Filofax, will make me use it more. The weight is also a factor; as it is slightly lighter than my current pocket Filo, I will be able to bring it with me more often.