Field Notes love

Yellow Texas Field Notes
Oh dear, five months since i posted last in here. i think it is about time to revive this, don't you think?

One of my recent objects of desire are the Field Notes notebooks. They are very simple, even the paper is not the best, although the quality is still good, but I just find myself more and more attached to them lately.

Last year I asked a good friend of mine to bring me some Texas ones as he was travelling there. And only a week after I started using the first one, I bought the plain brown ones at a store, as well as placed an online order for the Limited Northerly edition.

Fast-forward to now, I have filled up my red Texan, and have moved into my yellow one (pictured above). I also modded a plain one for my recent trip to Japan, which I used inside my Midori Traveler's Passport Notebook.

To be brief (time is scarce atm), they are a very good and constant companion of mine!