New planner!

So finally September is here, which means I have also started using my new planner I wrote about on my previous post.
It is an 18 month planner by Japanese brand Mark's in a beautiful lime green colour!

Mark's 18 month planner

Inside, the layout is slightly similar to QuoVadis's Business planner which I tried a couple of years ago (and liked!), weekly view with the days arranged in vertical columns. The main difference lies in that both Saturday and Sunday have been given the same space as the other days, thus ending the 'weekend discrimination' many planners tend to defend.

This week!


It also includes a monthly view section, as well as a 2 page spread with a yearly view, great as a holiday planner.
Weekly planner by Mark's

In my case, I use these very little, but it's good to have them there anyway.

Now, what really makes this particular planner stand out are three things:
Paper quality:
Really smooth to the touch, thin and crisp white. And despite the thinness: FOUNTAIN PEN FRIENDLY!

Page layout and design:
The planner I have is an A6 and although they used a serif font for all the text, even though it is small, it is very easy to read. The spacing and the little use of other colours besides black, give it a very clean and uncluttered look.

The Cover:
This planner comes with a see-through plastic cover that also doubles as a zip pocket! It has slots for cards and other bits of paper and a penloop. 

Pocket on my Mark's

Back cover with pocket
And it is removable, so one of the first things I did was switch it around (the original layout has the pocket on the front cover), as I prefer having the pocket at the back. the only quibble with this is that the penloop now sits at the bottom of the front cover, so I have to keep my pen upside down.


I suppose it's a small price to pay. So far, I am quite happy with it, and actually using it more! Plus, the fact that it's small means I can bring it with me wherever I go.

Next time: my layout for this week's trip!