Your Opinion Matters!

Hello all readers.
I will be revamping my blog soon and wanted to ask you a very important question.

As you have noticed, the current layout is a transparent black band on top of a background image. I personally like this design very much, but it occurred to me that it might not be easy to read for some of you.

So I have set up a poll (on the right) for you to let me choose.

Should I keep the current layout or a similar one (transparent black band to show background underneath), or should I change it because it's not easy to read?

I really appreciate your opinion and comments, so I will leave the poll open until  Thursday 15th November (around midnight). I know many of you are busy, so once the poll is closed, I will still welcome any comments left in this post, in case you weren't able to vote. I will take my final decision during next weekend, and hopefully have my 'new' blog ready in two weeks' time. :)

And I will be blogging more often once I've redesigned my blog. I promise!