My Planner's Cover

In previous entries, I mentioned that the plastic cover was one of the features I liked the most about my Mark's Planner.

I thought today I should show it to you in more detail.
As you can see in the following picture,

my planner

the planner is made up of a clear plastic cover, a paper sleeve (in lime green) and the book itself.

This is the plastic cover with its pockets

Plastic cover

This is the correct orientation of the cover. The zip pocket is the front cover, and the penloop on the back cover. But because I'd rather have the pocket on the back, I've simply turned it around. Now the penloop sits on the front, but low, so I've had to make it tighter by wrapping some washi tape around it.

Plastic cover
This is the paper sleeve

Paper sleeve
Considering that the sleeve is what decorates this planner, I have thought of designing another sleeve to use with it, IF I grow tired of this colour. But I don't think that will happen anytime soon, as I am currently in love with that lime green.

And this is the planner book.

Planner without its cover

Very simple and looks kinda tiny without its cover! (One thing I don't like about the design are the page markers' colours. One is brown, the other blue. I think they just look so plain and old-style for such a cool and fun planner.)

I remember how when I was using a Filofax, I would have it very full, keeping so many papers, cards, whatevers in the pockets. It would come to a point that it did weigh to carry it in my bag. Yet I just couldn't let go of all those bits of paper.
Ever since I switched, I feel I have been liberated from the need to carry so much crap inside it, which is also why this planner is more streamlined.
I still do carry some papers inside the pockets, but I try to keep it at a minimum. And if there is some important data I need, I write it down on the notes pages at the back, and then throw away the paper.

Those of you who carry a bound planner, did you also go through something similar? Do you carry anything imaginable in your planner, or do you try to keep it at a minimum?