Welcome to the New Blog!

As you might have noticed, I've changed the design of my blog, as it was in dire need of a fresh make-over. But I've not only changed its looks; I have also decided to write more. As a matter of fact, I have even set up a 'schedule' of topics to help me decide what to talk about on my future posts.

The Schedule:
There will now be 3 weekly posts, each with a slightly different topic.

Mondays: will be dedicated to everything planner-related; how I'm using my planner, which planner I'm using, how it has helped or failed me, etc.

Wednesdays: will be 21Kittens Day. At the moment I have a separate blog for my handmade projects, but seeing how little I update it, I thought it would be best to sort of merge my two blogs into this one, thus making life easier for me. So yes, any post pertaining to a 21Kittens project will be featured on this day.

Fridays: on which I plan to write about all other stationery products I like/dislike. I have also thought of adding non-stationery topics, like when I wrote about my Lumia. It might serve as some sort of review for the product of the week.

On occasion, I might decide to write a post on the weekend, but I don't think that will be too often. I will already be busy trying to publish three posts per week, so we'll see.

So yeah, this is it. I am sorry if you tried to come to my blog the past week and couldn't find it, I had it closed while I was working on the design. 

To all my readers, thank you very much. Don't be shy and leave me your comments, after all, that is what blogs live off :)

take care,