First post of 2013

Happy 2013 everyone!!

Are you also as excited as me to be starting a new year? For me, this has always been a special occasion, as I see it as another chance to right my wrongs (and wrong my rights), to try new things, to come up with renewed purpose, but mostly to give myself another chance.

Of course, one of my favourite things is that it also means the start of a new planner/diary. But as you already know, I won't be cracking open a brand new planner for I am already using an 18 month planner that will (should) last me all the way til December 2013.

Nevertheless I am happy to see my page spread read January 2013. That alone is enough to give my planner an air of novelty.

Another thing I also enjoy setting up during the first days of January is a Master List with tasks to be done some time in the course of the year.

to all my online friends!!

For a couple of years I kept my Master List separate from my planner, mainly because I know I will check my sidekick notebook more often than my planner.

Master List 2013

So today being the first Monday of the year, I set it up and put it in my Midori, between my notebook and my blog notebook. That way I will have quick and easy access to it.
On a previous occasion I noticed my list wasn't working due to a very small detail: I didn't like how it looked, with all items written in the same black ink and an ugly green title. This, together with the fact that it would end up hidden by the other pages, caused me to stop going back to it, so I ended up not doing the items I had listed.

Failed list

I think it was after that failure that I stopped keeping a Master List last year. But this year it's gonna be different!

This year I will check it daily and get all those things done, as well as add new ones.
I feel that this year keeping a Master List is going to help me greatly to stay motivated and disciplined to tick one by one all those small tasks that make up the pavement to my goals and dreams for 2013.