Planner update on a snowy day

Tasks not done
I write this in my blog notebook on Sunday/Monday night; the clock marks 01:37 a.m.
I failed posting something last Friday as I had a slight case of 'hangover-itis'. But that is no excuse. When I redesigned this blog, I set out to write three times a week, no matter what. I was going to be organised and disciplined and get the post drafted by hand a few days in advance. Being at home, I do have the time to do this and even prepare the pictures that will go on each post.
I suppose Xmas Holidays is what happened. Seeing I would be away back home, everyone else busy with their lives, there was no point in writing about planners and notebooks. It was time to make the most of being with my friends, enjoying the beautiful weather and tasty cuisine.

I've been back for two weeks now and I'm still struggling to get back on track, not only with blogging, but also with updating my planner. No, it is not the common 'planner fail' case this time. It is just me, either being lazy, either forgetting about it.

Empty planner
Yes, next (this)week is looking empty on my planner, except for the moveable 'rent' sticker and a weekly appointment I pencilled in a while back.

And it's not that I'm totally free all week! I'm already meeting somebody tomorrow, a friend is back from his trip, and I have to do a few trips to the post office, not to mention other stuff I have to do.

Then why can't I shake off this lazyness and just write all those appointments down?
I suppose unconsciously, I want there to be other plans for me to write down. Plans like buying one-way tickets back home and starting new jobs and happier, warmer lives away from all this winter land.