The Travelogue

This past Xmas my sister in law and her husband gave me a really cool present: a Travelogue.

It is a beautiful box set in cardboard containing 8 map pages on one side and a complete travel journal on the other.

The maps show the following world regions: Africa, Australasia, Eastern Eurasia, Europe, North America 1, North America 2, South America and Western Eurasia. The fun thing about these maps though, is that you can scratch the top layer off to reveal the countries you've visited in a particular region.
There is also a handy checklist printed on the left side of the box set to keep track of the regions visited.

The right side of this set contains the travel journal.

The first page contains 'My Details', to fill in with pertinent info about you.
The next section is called 'Planning', where you can write down your itineraries in handy, easy to read boxes and notes section.
You then find a checklist to ensure you don't forget anything important. There are three tickboxes for each item in this list, which means you can use it three times (and if you add more tickboxes by hand, you will be able to use it even more.) :)
After the checklist, there is a whole spread to plan your budgets.

Then comes the 'Diary' section, where you can write about your travels, paste mementos, photos, etc., and jot down your expenses. 
It also contains a handy contacts section for you to keep in touch with all the nice people you meet around the world, as well as keeping important addresses from back home. You might want to send them some postcards, right?

Speaking of postcards, at the end of this section, there is even a page for you to keep track whom you sent mail to! How cool is that?!

The last section is called 'Useful Information' and it contains just that: Unit conversions, and useful phrases in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

This is indeed a very unique travel journal and very intelligently put together. I really like how it's been designed, from the great Kraft card cover to the scratch maps, the layout of the pages and the choice of topics. It is simply gorgeous!
 Now if only I had tons of money to travel all over the world so I could start using it!

Have a lovely weekend,