Quick due update

I know, I know, I haven't been able to be constant with my writing here. I guess I was just busy doing other stuff, but mostly, not doing much at all (and believe me, that takes time!).

I thought I should at least let you know that I'm currently working on more 21Kittens projects (which will be revealed once they're ready), that are not just notebooks. I am not being able to be constant though, because I am once again moving house. So yes, I am slowly starting to be surrounded by boxes and bags as we speak.

Peek Stationery-wise, the situation is a bit chaotic. I am trying to use my planner as much as possible, and I am starting to notice where its faults are. I guess I can elaborate more on this on Monday's post. (I have jotted down a reminder of this in my planner right now!) See? I am trying.

Then, my sidekick, the beautiful Midori, has been helping me to keep track of the days, but, ever since receiving my first Leuchtturm1917,

New notebook! I have been plagued by doubts about continuing with the Midori. Or, having just one sidekick.
Honestly, the thoughts inside my head are so jumbled up, that I can't really explain with words all those thought processes going on.

And lastly, this winter is really getting to me. It's lasting forever!! Argh!!

This is Oni, signing off for now.