New notebook: Leuchtturm1917

Disclaimer: I meant to blog this a month ago, but I was busy and kept putting it off. Sorry :P

So I caved in and bought yet another notebook! Sure, if I were using all the ones I currently own, that would be ok (I guess), but at the moment I am only using my Midori Traveler's Notebook with two of my own refills. I also use a Field Notes which lives inside my bag.

Back to the one I got, it's a Leuchtturm 1917, a notebook about which I've only heard good things. So in my defense, I purchased it for research purposes. ;)

I decided to get it in the colour I've been very into for the past few years: Lime Green. My Mark's planner is also lime green, as well as my beloved Vert Pre ink from J.Herbin and the new fountain pen I got last month.

Upon opening it, I was greeted by two small pieces of paper: a catalogue booklet with more products and the company's history, and a Thank You card, something I really appreciate.

Inside the back pocket there was another surprise in the form of four label stickers, a couple for the front and the other two for the spine for archiving. Such a cool detail!

Other features that definitely makes Leuchtturm stand out from the competition are:
An index page and numbered pages, not to mention the good quality of the paper.
Mine has got the dot grid, which I find perfect for writing and sketching.

I still haven't used it, and honestly, I should be banned from getting new notebooks as I already have quite a few which are unused, waiting silently for their turn to come. But it was just sooooo pretty and I simply couldn't resist!

Have any of you used a Leuchtturm before? How do you like them?