What's happened to my pictures?

I thought I should write a quick update and let you know why you're not being able to view my pictures at the moment.

After much ruminating, I finally took the big decision to leave Flickr, as I wasn't happy with the service anymore (will blog about it at a later time).

Like many unhappy Flickr users, I've also emigrated to Ipernity, which has an interface very much like the 'old' Flickr used to have. 

I have transferred all (except some that were lost during transition, yet another story) my photos there.
This means that I will have to manually edit the url of every single image on here that was hosted in the old site.
Since this process might take a while, I'm not sure when all images will be restored.

Ah, yes. this is my Ipernity link:

Do come by and visit, even though I'm still settling in ;)