Jumping on the Kikki.k bandwagon

I liked my planner, the one by Mark's Tokyo Edge. I even went through all the hassle of buying it from their Japan online store, which doesn't ship outside Japan.And it was love, but it was short lived.The more I started interacting in the Facebook groups about Filofaxes, the more I started to miss the practicality of having a ring system.So I went back to my pocket Filos.
And then I discovered kikki.k. Very girly for my usual self, yet something about them kept luring me. I blame it all on my stupid hormones. So I caved and ordered the Small, equivalent of the Pocket, lavender with gold diamonds planner.I have to say, it arrived in less than a week, all the way from Australia and with a weekend in between!
So I thought I would share with you some pictures of my layout, the way it looked a week ago.

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