November wallpaper!

I like calendars.
I like having them easily visible whether it's on my planner, my computer or my mobile.

So as I was looking for nice calendars yesterday, it occured to me: why not make my own and also share them with my readers?

So this morning I've been working on the first one. Mind you, they are the November month versions.
But I needed to test them. And they seem to work fine on my desktop, my Android phone, and I'll later check on an iPhone.

How it works?
Very simple:
Simply click on any of the versions, and then save the images on your computer or your mobile, and then choose the image as background. :)

I hope you will enjoy them. And please please please let me know if you experience any issues, especially with the mobile version. All tips are welcome!

Desktop version:

Mobile phone version: (note, this is not a tablet version, so it won't display correctly if you want it for those devices.)