Labor Day!!

I might not be in North America, but I still want to give readers over there a nice gift for this Labor Day weekend.

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Don't let this offer get away!!
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Planner fail or simple, undiluted laziness?

I am guessing most of you already know I stopped using my Filofax(es) this year, in favour of a very cute planner I got from a nice friend. This planner is between an A6 and an A5 regarding size, a bit on the thick side, and undated, so I get to fill in the days and dates in any colour or pen I fancy. But I think the most important feature is the fact that it's decorated with loads of super cute and funny cats!

Now, regarding my actual use of it, I would say it fluctuates, as it is directly related to the current state of my life at the moment. See, if I'm being socially active and working and travelling, my planner will be on fire!
Cat planner

But if I'm all work and no play, well, that makes me a very dull girl, and my planner as well. Without any time to fill out the pages properly, it will lay abandoned under piles of whatever crap I have lying around my bedside table.
cat planner

Lately that was being the case.

But now that I am once again jobless spending my days in the comfort of my not so comfortable sofa, I have noticed that I am still not giving it too much use. (Yeah, maybe the fact of not wanting to interact with the human race IRL plays a part in that!)

Cat planner

But that is not what I wanted to talk to you about.

A few weeks ago, the 18 month Moleskine planners came out (I used one last year and really enjoyed it), and I felt like getting a new one for this year. Unfortunately they don't come cheap. Then I received the weekly newsletter from my favourite online stationery supplier, announcing planners from a Japanese brand I had seen last year at Paperchase, but never got the chance to get one.

So I decided to give them a try and ordered me an A6, 18 month planner in lovely lime green!

It arrived last Saturday. It is very pretty. It has a plastic zip cover which can be used as a pocket.
Aaaaaaaannnnd I will tell you all about it on my next blogpost ;)
Cheeky, I know.