My new earrings

Yep, you read it right. I won't be talking about stationery today, but of the beautiful new earrings I got last month!

I've been so excited ever since I ordered and received them, that I've been meaning to tell you about them. But true to my feline nature, I got distracted easily and forgot about it.

Yet today I have finally disciplined myself into writing this entry in my blog notebook first, and now I'm transferring it to the blog for all of you to read. :)

I honestly can't remember how I stumbled upon them. I might have been performing a search for 'earrings' or 'green', or I probably found the shop through one of my friends on Etsy. What I do remember is falling instantly in love with them as soon as I saw them.

They are gorgeous, aren't they???

The creator of these little lovelies is called Iryna and she's from Ukraine. Her shop, 'Eten-Iren', is full of unique and beautiful hand made jewellery, mirror cases, even mobile cases and charms.
And if you pop into her Facebook page, you'll be able to see pictures of her work, as well as other items not listed on Etsy.

I'm actually thinking of ordering a custom made bracelet or ring to match my earrings. I'm only waiting to get some money in.

So, do check out her Etsy store here and her Facebook page here.

Oh, did I mention that she sent me another pair of earrings with my order as a gift??

How cool is that!!

*Disclaimer: I was not asked by Eten Iren to do this post, I'm doing it because I think a talented artist like her needs to be known by others.

Thanks for reading!